She Said “Emme”

IMG_6563Emersyn has been in speech therapy for a little over seven months now, in that time she has made great strides. Today was one of those proud mommy moments! I have been working with Emersyn to get her to say “Emme” because that is what we call her and I know that right now saying “Emersyn” is next to impossible right now for her. Every time I try to get her to say “Emme”, she says “Mommy” and points to me. Today when I mentioned to the speech therapist that Emersyn was still struggling or just giving me a hard time just refusing to say Emme, (yes, while she does have a speech challenges, she also has a stubborn side of I know how and what to say, I’m just going to choose not to say it.) the therapist said that she would start incorporating that into the therapy sessions. Well Emme did it! She said “Emme” Her speech therapist was able to get her to say her name and this mommy could not have been happier and more excited!

We as moms want to best for our children and it is a real struggle for us to see when they are having a difficult or challenging time, especially when it comes to being able to communicate effectively. She knows what she wants, I want to know what she wants and we both wind up frustrated because she wants me to understand what she’s saying and I want to understand what she’s saying. I start playing the guessing game as to what she is trying to tell me, which just makes us both upset and frustrated. Now through speech therapy, she is really starting to communicate verbally what she wants. Every day still has its struggles, but day by day Emme is continuing to improve. We are currently working on saying two to three word phrases. She is doing great saying and repeating words but putting words together to form simple phrases or sentences is still somewhat of a struggle. I know she will get there in her timing, it just hard as a mom to see her struggle with this.

Moms, my advice always trust your instinct when it comes to your child’s development. If you have any inkling that there may be a delay in speech, talk with your pediatrician. Having your child evaluated for speech and finding out that they do not need speech therapy is always better than not having them evaluated and then later down the road realizing that there is in fact a speech delay.


M&M’s and Too Much Time!!!

IMG_6368  So I decided to make these cute M&M Flowers that I saw on Pinterest. I learned several things from these cute little flowers. The first thing that I learned is that it makes a great sorting activity. Taylor enjoyed sorting the M&M’s and especially sense he knew he was going to get his own little package of M&M’s to eat. The second thing that I learned was it makes a great math lesson on more and less. The pink and purple had the most and the green had the least amount.IMG_6366





Thirdly I learned that whoever came up with these cute little M&M pretzel flowers has way too much free time on their hands. The first three or four were fun to make but after that I was questioning why did I ever decide to make these. Finally, I learned that the next time that I get the bright idea to make these, just throw them in a bag and trail mix it is.

Blessed Moments Mom



There are moments in life where you just have to laugh to keep from crying….well this was one of those moments. Walking in to the living room to give Taylor a snack, I trip over his tent. I manage to catch my balance and stay on my feet but his bowl of Cheez-It Snack Mix went flying like someone threw some confetti in the air. Taylor & Emersyn’s facial expression was priceless. Both stood frozen not knowing what to say or do, was mommy going to be upset, was she going to be mad. I think I really shocked them when I started laughing hysterically. They really were puzzled then, moms laughing about cheez-It’s being all over the living room. Sometimes you just gotta laugh! Laugh on moms Laugh on!!!!!!



She Let Me Rock Her To Sleep!


Next month our sweet feisty little Ladybug will turn two!  Time is passing by way to fast. It feels just like yesterday we were anticipating her arrival into this world.

IMG_3413 Yesterday she fell asleep in the car on the way to pick her brother up from school……that’s usually never a good thing!!!! She thinks that a quick 15 to 20 min power nap in the car is all the napping she needs for the day, until around 5:00 in the evening when she is irritably tired. Look out everyone when that happens!!!!!! Well when we arrived home from picking Taterbug up from school, he went right on down for his nap but Missy on the other hand was determined she was not going to sleep without putting up a fight. Her fighting sleep was different this time!  It wasn’t that she didn’t want to go to sleep, she just didn’t want to go to sleep in her bed. She actually wanted me to hold her and rock her to sleep. This was all God’s plan. He knew I needed power nap too! So to the living room we went. We sat in the chair and I rocked her back and forth and I think I started to fall asleep before she did. She finally dozed on off and I attempted to stand up to go put her in her crib but those beautiful blue eyes popped opened. I realized she just wanted to be snuggled in her mommy’s arms and this mommy loved every moment of her other quick power nap.

IMG_3414I never turned down those moments to snuggle with my two children because I know the day will come when moments like these will fade away.

The Best Date Ever!!!!!

Once we arrived home from our mini vacation at the beach ringing in the New Year, Taylor wanted to go to McDonalds. He wanted it just to be him and I that went. He insisted that we must eat there and not just go through the drive thru. I agreed to taking him to McDonald’s (even though my mommy brain was saying “um buddy MawMaw & DaDA just took you to McDonald’s for lunch) after all I had missed him and any time that I can give him that is just the two us of is super special because he has a younger sister that gets a good bit of my attention.  He went outside with his dad to “help put the car seats back into the car”, well I look up at the door when I hear him call my name. What a super sweet moment, there was Taylor at the door with the most beautiful dandelions I had ever seen. My son not only brought me flowers but he had picked them all by himself. I was the luckiest mommy in the world at that moment.IMG_3208He insisted that I bring them with us to McDonald’s on our date. Taterbug has such a sweet personality……when he wants to!  Yes, there are moments at home when his personality is anything but sweet!


We had a great time together on our mommy & Taylor date to McDonald’s. Moments like these are what melts my heart and wipes away all the frustration from the moments when his listening ears seem to have went on an extended vacation and feel like they are never coming back.

The Blessed Moments Mom



New Year……New Me

I can honestly say that my husband 100% surprised me this Christmas. We had decided that are Christmas present to one another was to spend New Year’s at the beach just the two of us. Our first year of marriage we spent New Year’s at the beach, so five years later we wanted to recreate that weekend. So Christmas morning I was taken by complete surprise when he pulled out a big box that had my name on it. The gift tag said to: Mommy….. Love Joseph, Taylor & Emersyn. To my surprise I received a new laptop that I was really needing. My old dinosaur of a laptop was no longer portable, it always had to be plugged into the electrical outlet. The second it comes unplugged I lose everything that I was working on, if I hadn’t saved it and let’s face it my almost two-year-olds favorite thing to do is unplug mommy’s laptop……this mommy’s not laughing when that happens. My blog post has become few and far between because with a four year-old, an almost 2-year-old (who already thinks she’s going on 18) and a dino of a laptop that not only has to always be connected to an outlet and takes an hour to load up……..nobody’s got time for that!!!!!!

Writing is a good stress reliever for me sometimes and just my way of possibly helping or encouraging another Mommy that may just need that extra little encouragement. I know I need that extra little boast of encouragement sometimes. So as we get ready to say goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016, it’s time to make those New Year’s resolutions that we have every intention of keeping but always seem to break at some point. Well this time I am not making resolutions, I making New Year’s goals.

My New Year Goals are:

– continuing to grow in my relationship with God by spending more time in his word and through bible study classes

-date night with my husband once a week…….even if it is just sitting together on the couch watching his favorite show

-keeping my patience more with my children. My mother-in-law is always telling me I have the patience of Job, but I don’t think I do!

-now that I have my new laptop, keeping up with my site. I would love to be able to blog something every day, but let’s be realistic….two to three times a week.


Signing Off from the Beach


Happy New Year Everyone!

Today Was A Great Session

Yes, we always hear that children share all kinds of germs and sickness when they are in group settings, but  there is something positive to be said about children being in a group setting.  Our daughter Emme started speech therapy one day a week about a month ago. The therapist comes to our house for Emme’s sessions. Now, I know you are wondering how the therapist coming to your house relates to children being in a group setting. Well this is what I have observed and learned from Emme in the past month. Her good days of speech therapy were on days when she had been in a group setting of children her age at church while I attended a women’s bible study class. Her really great days of speech like the one she had today was being in the group setting at church and then not having a nap before her therapy session at 1:45…….yes NO NAP!!!!!!! Emme’s days where she was the least cooperative with the speech sessions is when she and I came straight home after dropping her brother off at school and she goes down for a nap before speech. Even with working with her at home on her goals for her speech sessions, she still is less inclined to participate when she has been home with just me and has had a nap.

I can see the difference with her and Taylor, when Taylor was her age. Taylor was in a classroom setting from six weeks of age until three years old, until I started staying home with him. He was only out of the classroom setting for about nine months. He now attends a Mother’s Day Out program three days a week. I could see where he needed to be back in that type of environment that he knew and was a comfort to him. Emersyn was only in a classroom setting from 8 weeks of age to 9 months of age when I started staying home with her. I can see where he is more independent  from being in a classroom setting for most of his life, where as Emersyn is independent because of having a older brother to look up to but is also is more attached and always wants to be with Mommy. Today during her therapy session, this mommy had happy tears in her eyes in seeing the excitement in Emme’s eyes when she was either repeating the word or making the beginning sound of the word. It was in that moment that it really hit me with how big of an impact a group setting with children her age has on her and how beneficial it is to her, that even before the therapy session she was in the living room saying “duck, duck, and goose” and falling down when she said goose. Now you have to realize she has never said this before or anything remotely close to this. I asked her, “Emme did you play duck, duck, goose in class today?” to which she shook her head yes. I just sat there in amazement.

Every child is different and every situation is different. Most children would not have a successful session without having a nap before speech. As a parent, you have to see what works best for you and your child.