It’s a Monday!

It’s definitely a Monday! It’s one of those Monday’s where I wonder if I’m on hidden camera. It’s the first day of soccer camp and everything is running smoothly for the most part, Taylor’s up super early but then the reality of the morning hits. We’re frantically looking for shin guards and trying to convince his sister to get dressed. Finally the shin guards are located and Emersyn is dressed everything seems to be back on track and we’re ready to go and that’s when what I thought would never happen happened! I had always said my kids would never cut their own hair……I wouldn’t be one of “those parents”……….famous last words! Do not ever think for one second that Oh my kids will never do that, or my kids will never etc” Taylor grabbed his age appropriate scissors and (pretending) said “I’m giving Emme a haircut, I’m cutting Emme’s hair!” So of course Emme not to be out done gets the scissors from him, thinking she’s pretending too….and says “No Taylor, I can cut my own hair….I can do my own haircut.” Well to her surprise and my complete shock because it all happened right in front of me before I could stop her. Thankfully it is not that noticeable when it’s brushed because it could have been a lot worse. I’m glad the rest of the day went on as the “normal typical” never ending always interesting mommy roles. Oh and how could I almost forgot this! Before the whole haircut fiasco, a complete an utter meltdown over the fact that she wanted her hair pulled back with this! All of her hair. I beginning to think I’m on hidden camera show because the things that they get so upset over and what can happen in a moments notice. Here’s to hoping Day 2 of getting ready for camp goes better.


When Life Gets Sticky!


It was just another Summer morning with me trying to keep the kiddos entertained and lets face it keeping my sanity. This morning, we were going to try making slime. What I did not realize was what God was going to reveal to me through this activity. We used the recipe that used Contact Solution.




4oz Elmer’s Glue (we used the clear glue)

½ tbsp. of Baking Powder

1 tbsp Contact Solution

Any color Food Coloring


Mix together in a bowl and more contact solution can be used to make it less sticky and manageable.

Helpful Mom Tip: (store in a sealable sandwich bag and the slime can be played with later.)



This activity kept my kids entertained for a while. The more the kids played with the slime, the more God started to reveal to me how he is just like the contact solution used to make the slime/gak. Let’s face it motherhood gets sticky, motherhood gets messy but God’s word makes things less sticky and more manageable. God never says life will be easy but He does say he will never leave us or forsake us. He is always with us and  this only happens when we continue to stay in “Contact” with Jesus and God’s word. The simplest of activities with your children can be turned into teachable lessons on God’s word and God’s goodness.  So mom make some fun slime/gak moments with your children and remain in “Contact” with God’s word.


Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me. John 15:4

A man who endures trials is blessed, because when he passes the test he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him. James 1:12



Here’s to a New Adventure!

The journey of Mommyhood is an adventure all in itself, but my adventure is starting a new endeavor today. Today begins the new chapter in our lives with Joseph starting school in the evenings. I have so many emotions going through me all at one time. I am happy and excited that he has made the decision to further his education and what opportunities that it will open in the future with his job, but I would not be honest if I did not say I’m nervous, scared and a bit overwhelmed with the fact that this means I will basically be a married single mom during the week. I am truly thankful to have to family support that we have my parents and his parents that will be able to help me out some. This is not going to be just an adjustment on me, but a huge adjustment on the kids. I know that with the God on our side we will make it through this.

This week with Joseph starting school is not going to be a typical week because of a cruise to the Bahamas that has been booked since the beginning of this year. So not only does this mommy have the emotions with the new going to school adventure, but has the many emotions of being away from the kiddos. I am excited to get away for almost a week and to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary in the Bahamas, but I am also having anxiety of being away from the kids in a way I have never been before. Taylor will turn five in less than two weeks and the furthest that I have been away from them was a five-hour car ride away. This trip is different, I will be on a boat in the Atlantic, I can’t get in a car and come home if something happens. I know that they will be fine and have a great time because they will be with their MawMaw & DaDa, but I am still a mommy with the mommy anxiety.  

I know that it is important that Joseph and I get this time away. With so many changes coming with him starting school that we need this time together. The only way we can take care of our children, is to make sure we take care of ourselves and our marriage too. So here’s to the new adventure and more mommy moments! Stay Tuned!



The Blessed Moments Mom

Mommy, I’ll Stay Home With You!

I experienced something with Taylor this morning, that I have never experienced. He did not want to go to school, he wanted to stay home with me. The whole drive to school he was trying to convince me to take him back home once we dropped Emme off in her classroom. He wanted to stay home with me to the point of saying he would help me with the laundry. I thought maybe once we actually got to the school and went in, he would be okay but I was wrong. We dropped Emme off and walked across the hallway to his classroom and he was holding onto my leg and crying. My heart was breaking because this is completely out of the ordinary for him. Anyone who knows him, knows he loves going to school. He is usually already in the classroom and I have to get his attention to tell him bye and to have a good day, but not this morning, this morning was a first and a worst!

My years of working in the early childhood field, I was the one trying to comfort moms when their child was having separation anxiety. Today I was the mom receiving the comfort and the reassurance. I have to admit it felt strange, it felt so unfamiliar but at the same time very familiar. Thankfully he was all better and ready for the day before I actually left the school. While talking with the Assistant Director, Taylor had come down the hallway with his teacher to the bathroom and with hustle and bustle of children coming in and parents leaving, I did not even see him come down the hallway. All the sudden I felt these sweet hands wrap around me and say “Hey Mommy” There he was with those big brown eyes and happy smile. His teacher told me we went potty and that we are all better and ready for the day. What a sweet relief to leave the school and know that he was all better and happy. Praying tomorrow goes better!

M&M’s and Too Much Time!!!

IMG_6368  So I decided to make these cute M&M Flowers that I saw on Pinterest. I learned several things from these cute little flowers. The first thing that I learned is that it makes a great sorting activity. Taylor enjoyed sorting the M&M’s and especially sense he knew he was going to get his own little package of M&M’s to eat. The second thing that I learned was it makes a great math lesson on more and less. The pink and purple had the most and the green had the least amount.IMG_6366





Thirdly I learned that whoever came up with these cute little M&M pretzel flowers has way too much free time on their hands. The first three or four were fun to make but after that I was questioning why did I ever decide to make these. Finally, I learned that the next time that I get the bright idea to make these, just throw them in a bag and trail mix it is.

Blessed Moments Mom



There are moments in life where you just have to laugh to keep from crying….well this was one of those moments. Walking in to the living room to give Taylor a snack, I trip over his tent. I manage to catch my balance and stay on my feet but his bowl of Cheez-It Snack Mix went flying like someone threw some confetti in the air. Taylor & Emersyn’s facial expression was priceless. Both stood frozen not knowing what to say or do, was mommy going to be upset, was she going to be mad. I think I really shocked them when I started laughing hysterically. They really were puzzled then, moms laughing about cheez-It’s being all over the living room. Sometimes you just gotta laugh! Laugh on moms Laugh on!!!!!!



She Let Me Rock Her To Sleep!


Next month our sweet feisty little Ladybug will turn two!  Time is passing by way to fast. It feels just like yesterday we were anticipating her arrival into this world.

IMG_3413 Yesterday she fell asleep in the car on the way to pick her brother up from school……that’s usually never a good thing!!!! She thinks that a quick 15 to 20 min power nap in the car is all the napping she needs for the day, until around 5:00 in the evening when she is irritably tired. Look out everyone when that happens!!!!!! Well when we arrived home from picking Taterbug up from school, he went right on down for his nap but Missy on the other hand was determined she was not going to sleep without putting up a fight. Her fighting sleep was different this time!  It wasn’t that she didn’t want to go to sleep, she just didn’t want to go to sleep in her bed. She actually wanted me to hold her and rock her to sleep. This was all God’s plan. He knew I needed power nap too! So to the living room we went. We sat in the chair and I rocked her back and forth and I think I started to fall asleep before she did. She finally dozed on off and I attempted to stand up to go put her in her crib but those beautiful blue eyes popped opened. I realized she just wanted to be snuggled in her mommy’s arms and this mommy loved every moment of her other quick power nap.

IMG_3414I never turned down those moments to snuggle with my two children because I know the day will come when moments like these will fade away.