Here’s to a New Adventure!

The journey of Mommyhood is an adventure all in itself, but my adventure is starting a new endeavor today. Today begins the new chapter in our lives with Joseph starting school in the evenings. I have so many emotions going through me all at one time. I am happy and excited that he has made the decision to further his education and what opportunities that it will open in the future with his job, but I would not be honest if I did not say I’m nervous, scared and a bit overwhelmed with the fact that this means I will basically be a married single mom during the week. I am truly thankful to have to family support that we have my parents and his parents that will be able to help me out some. This is not going to be just an adjustment on me, but a huge adjustment on the kids. I know that with the God on our side we will make it through this.

This week with Joseph starting school is not going to be a typical week because of a cruise to the Bahamas that has been booked since the beginning of this year. So not only does this mommy have the emotions with the new going to school adventure, but has the many emotions of being away from the kiddos. I am excited to get away for almost a week and to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary in the Bahamas, but I am also having anxiety of being away from the kids in a way I have never been before. Taylor will turn five in less than two weeks and the furthest that I have been away from them was a five-hour car ride away. This trip is different, I will be on a boat in the Atlantic, I can’t get in a car and come home if something happens. I know that they will be fine and have a great time because they will be with their MawMaw & DaDa, but I am still a mommy with the mommy anxiety.  

I know that it is important that Joseph and I get this time away. With so many changes coming with him starting school that we need this time together. The only way we can take care of our children, is to make sure we take care of ourselves and our marriage too. So here’s to the new adventure and more mommy moments! Stay Tuned!



The Blessed Moments Mom


A Big Thank You!

I am definitely one blessed mom because when I was knocked down by the flu, I had a lot of support from family to move in and take care of my precious Taterbug and Ladybug. Family is everything and having that support so close by is a true blessing. Many families do not have to luxury of having such a strong family support so close by. We are blessed to have my parents that live about five miles one way from our house and my husband’s parents that live about five miles the other way from us. My husband and I have the rare luxury of never having to worry about finding and paying for a babysitter. Our children have both sets of grandparents that are actively involved in their lives. Our Taterbug and Ladybug have two aunts that are close by as well. Extended family is extremely important in children’s lives and my husband and I are beyond blessed with the extended family that our children have in their lives. I can never say thank you enough to my parents, my in-laws, my sister and my sister-in-law for the love and support that they show us every day.

Blessed Moments Mom