Here’s to a New Adventure!

The journey of Mommyhood is an adventure all in itself, but my adventure is starting a new endeavor today. Today begins the new chapter in our lives with Joseph starting school in the evenings. I have so many emotions going through me all at one time. I am happy and excited that he has made the decision to further his education and what opportunities that it will open in the future with his job, but I would not be honest if I did not say I’m nervous, scared and a bit overwhelmed with the fact that this means I will basically be a married single mom during the week. I am truly thankful to have to family support that we have my parents and his parents that will be able to help me out some. This is not going to be just an adjustment on me, but a huge adjustment on the kids. I know that with the God on our side we will make it through this.

This week with Joseph starting school is not going to be a typical week because of a cruise to the Bahamas that has been booked since the beginning of this year. So not only does this mommy have the emotions with the new going to school adventure, but has the many emotions of being away from the kiddos. I am excited to get away for almost a week and to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary in the Bahamas, but I am also having anxiety of being away from the kids in a way I have never been before. Taylor will turn five in less than two weeks and the furthest that I have been away from them was a five-hour car ride away. This trip is different, I will be on a boat in the Atlantic, I can’t get in a car and come home if something happens. I know that they will be fine and have a great time because they will be with their MawMaw & DaDa, but I am still a mommy with the mommy anxiety.  

I know that it is important that Joseph and I get this time away. With so many changes coming with him starting school that we need this time together. The only way we can take care of our children, is to make sure we take care of ourselves and our marriage too. So here’s to the new adventure and more mommy moments! Stay Tuned!



The Blessed Moments Mom


Today Was A Great Session

Yes, we always hear that children share all kinds of germs and sickness when they are in group settings, but  there is something positive to be said about children being in a group setting.  Our daughter Emme started speech therapy one day a week about a month ago. The therapist comes to our house for Emme’s sessions. Now, I know you are wondering how the therapist coming to your house relates to children being in a group setting. Well this is what I have observed and learned from Emme in the past month. Her good days of speech therapy were on days when she had been in a group setting of children her age at church while I attended a women’s bible study class. Her really great days of speech like the one she had today was being in the group setting at church and then not having a nap before her therapy session at 1:45…….yes NO NAP!!!!!!! Emme’s days where she was the least cooperative with the speech sessions is when she and I came straight home after dropping her brother off at school and she goes down for a nap before speech. Even with working with her at home on her goals for her speech sessions, she still is less inclined to participate when she has been home with just me and has had a nap.

I can see the difference with her and Taylor, when Taylor was her age. Taylor was in a classroom setting from six weeks of age until three years old, until I started staying home with him. He was only out of the classroom setting for about nine months. He now attends a Mother’s Day Out program three days a week. I could see where he needed to be back in that type of environment that he knew and was a comfort to him. Emersyn was only in a classroom setting from 8 weeks of age to 9 months of age when I started staying home with her. I can see where he is more independent  from being in a classroom setting for most of his life, where as Emersyn is independent because of having a older brother to look up to but is also is more attached and always wants to be with Mommy. Today during her therapy session, this mommy had happy tears in her eyes in seeing the excitement in Emme’s eyes when she was either repeating the word or making the beginning sound of the word. It was in that moment that it really hit me with how big of an impact a group setting with children her age has on her and how beneficial it is to her, that even before the therapy session she was in the living room saying “duck, duck, and goose” and falling down when she said goose. Now you have to realize she has never said this before or anything remotely close to this. I asked her, “Emme did you play duck, duck, goose in class today?” to which she shook her head yes. I just sat there in amazement.

Every child is different and every situation is different. Most children would not have a successful session without having a nap before speech. As a parent, you have to see what works best for you and your child.

When The Path Doesn’t Make Sense………….It’s God At Work!

The only thing that I want to remember from February is celebrating our sweet Ladybug Emersyn’s 1st Birthday on February 6th. The rest of February I want to forget because it was filled with double ear infections, colds and finally with me having the Flu the very end of February and first few days of March. As we, all know when Mommy is sick the world falls apart…….well the home! After missing several Sunday’s of church and small group class, I was ready to back at Warren on Sundays. Our small group class was doing a study on Gideon and my first Sunday back in class was as if the message was speaking right to me. The discussion of how it was not that Gideon did not trust God; it was that he just wanted reassurance from God that what he was doing was what God really wanting him doing. We are all like Gideon I know I am. This lesson had me doing a lot of reflecting on the events that had taken place recently in my life. Back in November of this past year when I was let go from my job of 9 years, was a huge shock and our family was turned upside down. The lesson that Sunday on Gideon had me reflecting and made me realize that ever since I had gone back to work from maternity leave, I had struggled internally with being away from my children ten to eleven hours a day, five days a week. Other people always told me that, I was lucky because my children were at the school I was working at but that is the perception. Yes, my children were right down the hallway, but the day-to-day details of being an administrator consumed my day. By the time I got home in the evenings, it was time for dinner, bath and bed with Taylor & Emersyn. I had no time to just play with them. I can recall many nights after my husband and the children were sleep that I would just sit in the living room asking God, “Do I need to be looking for a new job? Is this what I am supposed to be doing? Please Lord; give me a sign of what I need to do.” Just like Gideon, I needed reassurance from God. Well I got my answer when I was let go from my job. God’s answer was not in a way I was imagining, but that’s God…when the path does not make sense………its God at work! While it was upsetting being fired, (the first job I have ever been fired from) I have a confession……I honestly had a sense of relief. Yes, I had the questions of oh my goodness what in the world are we going to do financially, we have two children how are we going to survive, a million “how are we going to” went through my head constantly but even through that I still had that sense of relief. Yes, I missed the children at the school, my teachers at the school and yes even the parents at the school, but I still had a sense of relief.

God’s path did two things for me. First thing God’s path did for me was allowed me to be with my children as a full time stay at home mom, something I had prayed about. The second thing that God’s path did for me was because I was home with my children and was not bringing in any income, it made fully put my faith and trust in him and lean on him to know he was going to work everything out for good.

Now I thought that the message in class that day was speaking right to me, but the message this past Sunday was screaming to me. It was as if the message was written just for me. Now remember this was only my second Sunday back in about a month and this was actually the first video of Priscilla Shirer’s study of Gideon that I was watching. The moment she started talking in the video, it was as if the video was designed especially for me. She talked about how we all have something we are struggling with, whether it is finances, our job, our spouse, or even “God I have my Master’s degree and what you want me to stay home with my kids.” My mouth just about hit the ground when she spoke those words. I had chills run through me when I heard her say that. Here I am with a Master’s Degree in Education and home with my children struggling to determine is this what I am suppose to do or am I suppose to be still looking for a job outside the home, will my husband’s new job be enough for us to financially make it with just his income. That was one of those moments when God was speaking to me through Priscilla Shirer’s video session on Gideon. In this video, she talked about how you know it’s God’s plan when it does not make sense, which is exactly what God did with Gideon. In that moment, God gave me my answer, the answer that deep down I already knew, but like Gideon, I just needed God’s reassurance. I know it is going to be hard and we are going to have to work at it daily but with God and through God, being home with my Children is where I am meant to be. Yes, this mom is about to say this, I never thought being fired from a job would be the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I did not know it at the time, but I know it now……I am right where I need to be and that is home with my two beautiful children.

Shenanigans 2015 008(Big thank you to my cousin Kimberly Patteson for taking this amazing picture.)

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make straight your paths. (Proverbs 3:5-6 ESV)

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you. (Psalm 32:8 ESV)

God does amazing things in some of the most craziest ways. We never know who God is going to use to speak to us and give us the answers to our questions and our uncertainties. When the Path Doesn’t Make Sense……..It’s God’s at Work!

Mommy Spilled The Sugar!

The morning began like any other morning, well any other morning since the time change. I read my morning devotional books before the kiddos woke up. Yes, since we have moved an hour forward, I wake up before the kids. I am praying that it stays that way, my day always seems to be better when I start the day in his word. After my morning reading, I opened up my Pinterest App on my phone and there was a recipe for Crumbly Coffee Cake Muffins and they looked absolutely delicious! Then the book If You Give A Moose a Muffin by Laura Numeroff, popped into my head and I had an idea for a fun breakfast for Taylor and Emersyn. Okay it wasn’t just a fun idea for the kids, it gave me an excuse to make those oh so delicious looking Muffins. What happened next I was not expecting! I went to start getting the ingredients out of the pantry. Someone (Me) had put the container of sugar on the shelf backwards which made it difficult to get down off the top shelf!

Shenanigans 2015 017

They always say there is no reason to cry over spilled milk……..well what about spilled sugar on carpet (Yes, I said Carpet!). Instead of being angry and upset, I was laughing…..maybe laughing to keep from crying. I truly believe that if my morning had not started out with reading my daily devotional books and spending time in God’s word, I would have allowed the events to consume me and put me in a bad mood which would have set the tone to have one of those Mommy days that you do not want to just start over, but want to forget all together. Whether we like it or not we are the ones that ultimately set the tone for the day with our children.

I knew the sound of the vacuum cleaner would more than likely wake Taylor up and it did. He came down the hallway with those big brown eyes still have asleep saying “Mama, No Vacuum!” I told him well Mommy had to vacuum because she spilled the sugar all over the carpet. “Mama You Don’t want to do that, that’s bad” Well insert the reason God had these events happen. I was able to take my huge mess of sugar everywhere and turn it into a teaching tool for Taylor. I explained to him that we all make messes sometimes and that is okay. That he would make messes and mistakes but no matter what I would still love him. We talked about when we make mistakes, the mistakes are meant as learning experiences and lessons. We learn to get up and try again or we learn not to do it again. We talked about how God knows that we are going to make mistakes and create messes but that no matter what we do he will always be there for us. Wow who would have thought all of that would come from my spilling the sugar all over the carpet, I sure didn’t. We never know what events God will use as teaching tools for our children and learning experiences for parents, mine just happened to be sugar all over the floor. My lesson learned in this……..Put the sugar on the shelf correctly.

Shenanigans 2015 023

Well the morning went on and we did have those delicious muffins because thankfully I did not spill all of the sugar, just enough to make a mess and learning experience. The muffins were a hit with Taylor and Emersyn and so was the book If You Give A Moose A Muffin! by Laura Numeroff.

Shenanigans 2015 021 Shenanigans 2015 019

There goes the plate, the food and so much more!

It was one of those afternoons where we are trying to teach Miss Emersyn that food actually goes on a plate and not just on her high chair tray. I’m sure you can already see where this story is heading……a 13 month old and a plate with food on it, this won’t end pretty! Things started out great, she’s actually keeping the plate on her high chair tray and she’s eating the fish sticks, broccoli and fresh fruit. She is not my picky eater, she eats anything. I started fixing my plate and in what seemed like a split second there went the plate and the food. Thankfully enough landed on her tray that she still had dinner that she could eat but a good bit still went flying everywhere. So there I was with cut up fish sticks, broccoli and fresh fruit every where. When I say every where, I mean every where……even in the playroom. Well in that moment my loving husband who didn’t know what he was walking into when he made the comment “That’s why I would have put it on the tray” caused me to break down in tears and walk out of the kitchen. I had hit that breaking point at that moment and I just needed to walk away, shed a few tears and collect my thoughts. Collect my thoughts, my thoughts why was I crying and why did is innocent comment send me into tears? I managed to walk back into the kitchen but Joseph could tell I had been crying and asked why was I crying? He’s a guy, he will never understand or get it.

My break down in tears was not just because of the food going everywhere or even his comment about just putting the food on the tray. It was a culmination of a lot of little things throughout the day and that was just my breaking point. I am not going to say it’s something only a stay at home mom would understand because I have had these moments when I was a mom working outside the house. I am simply going to say this is something only a mom would understand.

Let’s look back at the full day. We needed to run to the grocery store for some milk and other basic staples. So we went to our new Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market store that is like two miles from the house. I am normally a Publix shopper because of their impressive customer service, but not today we made a quick trip to Wal-Mart Market. We get there and the shopping trip goes great with my Taterbug and Ladybug. Now it’s time to checkout and to my surprise they have every lane open……..well every self-checkout lane open. There was not the first regular checkout land open, what in the world. Don’t get me wrong I actually love the self-checkout lanes………when I’m by myself! So I start putting our few groceries on the self-checkout counter, when a very nice sounding cashier ask me “oh do you want to use a regular checkout lane?” My thoughts was are you seriously asking me this now, now that I have already put my groceries on the self-checkout counter, if  I say yes  are you going to come get these groceries off the counter for me. I just politely smiled and said no I’ve already started here, but thank you! All I was thinking in that moment was please, please Emersyn do not realize that you can reach everything beside you in the checkout lane. Thankfully we make it through the self-checkout lane with nothing being pulled off the shelves. We’re making our way to the car and get the groceries in the trunk of the car and of course Taylor wants to stay in the shopping cart to help me park it. Well he gets upset because I didn’t crash it into the other shopping carts. He’s really going to have a meltdown on the shopping cart in the Walmart parking lot because I did not crash the cart into the other carts……I can feel my face turning red. I manage to get him to the car and yes he is still having a bit of a meltdown about not crashing the cart. Once we get in the car and we talk about how I did not like his behavior and the unsafe choice he made. He quickly calms down and tells me that he’s sorry.

We make it home and the morning goes on. I start preparing lunch. Lunch goes on with minor meltdowns and then its nap time and my so-called “me time”. This “me time” consist of finishing cleaning the kitchen, picking up toys in the living room and then finally sitting down for a few minutes. So I decided to get Miss Emersyn’s toy shopping cart to collect all the toys in to take back to the playroom…..seemed like a good idea at the time. The brief moment of putting my feet up is cut short when Miss Ladybug wakes up first and then decides her brother should be up too. He is just like his father and he needs to wake up from his nap on his own or its hello Mr. Grouchy. He wakes up on his own a few minutes later and that shopping cart that I thought was a good idea is now back dumped out in the living room. So my nice clean living room lasted for a brief moment.

Now we’ve made it to the afternoon and my sweet Ladybug apparently thinks we have already sprung ahead, which makes for a grouchy Ladybug when dinner is not ready. What my husband doesn’t realize is, that I am on the verge of tears at this moment because I can hear Emersyn crying and upset in her crib, but at that moment I did not know what else to do for her. Dinner was baking in the over and wasn’t quite ready yet. She wanted to be held but didn’t want to be held. She was sleepy again but didn’t want to sleep. Finally dinner was ready and she was a happy camper again……so happy that the food and plate went flying.

It was just another day in the life of a mom, emotional, stressful, beautiful, adventurous and unforgettable. An emotional mom that has a moment of tears is something that I don’t think a husband can or ever will truly understand.

The Blessed Moments Mom

When a New Door Opens!

IMG_1145Storms come and go and when one door is closed, another door is always opened. What we don’t know is how long it might be before the other door is opened. God teaches us to wait and to wait patiently on him and his timing. Another thing that God teaches us is that when it comes to families the door may close on one spouse that affects the whole family but the next bigger and better door opens on the other spouse that benefits the whole family for the better.

“But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.” Romans 8:25

No matter how we map out what we think our plans are, God has a bigger and better plan that we may never understand. This past weekend was the Women of Warren’s, Women’s Retreat in Hilton Head. I passed on going to this for two reasons; the first financially and second, yesterday was a big birthday celebration for Aunt Marion at her church. Well I missed out on both due to being bit by the flu bug and this flu bug bit me hard. I knew I need some rest but the Lord’s plan of me getting rest was not the plan I would have chosen. This is one plan that God had that I don’t understand, don’t think I ever will, or ever want to know. 

 The Lord opened a new big and better door for our family that begins today. My husband Joseph starts a new career move with a position with Club Car. Now if you had asked me, did I think this new career move would start with our two children at their Papa T’s & Mama T’s house while I recuperated from the Flu…………….my answer would be “No?” That is exactly how this new door was opened and how we walked through it today. This will definitely be a day I never forget as long as I live. New career move for my husband, me recuperating from the flu and our children quarantined at their grandparents, yes, God has a sense of humor.

The Lord hears our prayers and he will answer our prayers, it will just be in his perfect timing.

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7

 Blessed Moments Mom


When the Storm Comes!

One moment the sun is shining, the birds are singing and life is great……..seconds later it’s cloudy, gloomy and you find yourself in the midst of storm you never expected. God uses these unexpected storms not to discourage us but to encourage us. Whenever we our brought into a storm, it just means God is at work bringing somethings bigger and better into your life. I found myself unexpectedly placed into a storm last week. A job of nine years that I had known and loved ……okay and hated at moments came to a halting stop. So here I was a wife, a mother of two beautiful children and now jobless, but was I jobless????? No, I wasn’t truly jobless. I’m a mother and that’s a full-time job in itself it just pays with smiles, hugs and kisses and let’s be honest a few temper tantrums and meltdowns. While the storm  I found myself in was…….. how was my family financially going to survive with only my husbands income……….. I suddenly realized that God had heard my prayers and he had answered them! Being a stay at home mom was what I had always prayed for and God heard my prayers and he answered them. The only thing was he did not answer them in a pretty little box with a beautiful ribbon on it that I had envisioned. God does that, he hears our prayers and he answers them in his timing and in his way. God never gives us a No Answer, he gives us a yes, a not yet, or I have something better in mind. My answer to my prayers came with my family and I  walking into a huge turbulent storm. I could have easily became overwhelmed and  depressed with my situation that I found my family in, but I chose to lean on the Lord and know he had a plan and a purpose for our situation. I made the decision to make the most of our situation and that was to enjoy and soak up every moment that I was given to spend at home with my two babies.

Blessed Mom