It’s a Monday!

It’s definitely a Monday! It’s one of those Monday’s where I wonder if I’m on hidden camera. It’s the first day of soccer camp and everything is running smoothly for the most part, Taylor’s up super early but then the reality of the morning hits. We’re frantically looking for shin guards and trying to convince his sister to get dressed. Finally the shin guards are located and Emersyn is dressed everything seems to be back on track and we’re ready to go and that’s when what I thought would never happen happened! I had always said my kids would never cut their own hair……I wouldn’t be one of “those parents”……….famous last words! Do not ever think for one second that Oh my kids will never do that, or my kids will never etc” Taylor grabbed his age appropriate scissors and (pretending) said “I’m giving Emme a haircut, I’m cutting Emme’s hair!” So of course Emme not to be out done gets the scissors from him, thinking she’s pretending too….and says “No Taylor, I can cut my own hair….I can do my own haircut.” Well to her surprise and my complete shock because it all happened right in front of me before I could stop her. Thankfully it is not that noticeable when it’s brushed because it could have been a lot worse. I’m glad the rest of the day went on as the “normal typical” never ending always interesting mommy roles. Oh and how could I almost forgot this! Before the whole haircut fiasco, a complete an utter meltdown over the fact that she wanted her hair pulled back with this! All of her hair. I beginning to think I’m on hidden camera show because the things that they get so upset over and what can happen in a moments notice. Here’s to hoping Day 2 of getting ready for camp goes better.


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